CHILE - Victor Jara's killers are convicted for murder

On the 3rd of July, nine retired military officers were convicted for the murder of Victor Jara. They received a sentence of 15 years and one day for homicide and extra three years for kidnapping. Another reitred military officer was also convicted for covering up the killing and was sentenced to five years and one day.

Victor Jara was a Chilean famous singer-songwriter and political activist, who was also a teacher and a theater director. He developed Chilean theater directing local, classic and experimental works and played a pivotal role in establishing the neo -folkloric Nueva Canción Chilena (New Chilean Song) movement, which incorporated strong political and social topics into its songs. After the Chilean coup of the 11th of September in 1973, he was arrested and brought to the Estadio Chile (now called Estadio Victor Jara), which had been turned into a detention and torture center. He was tortured for hours, he was burned by cigarettes, his fingers were broken and his tongue cut off. After days of torture he was taken out to the stadium field, where he was shot 44 times! His body was ultimately disposed on the bushes of a cemetery

The nine depraved fascistic murderers of Victor Jara; Hugo Sánchez Marmonti, Raúl Jofré González, Edwin Dimter Bianchi, Nelson Haase Mazzei, Ernesto Bethke Wulf, Juan Jara Quintana, Hernán Chacón Soto and Patricio Vásquez Donoso will now spent the next two decades rotting in prison - after they lived good lives in liberty for 45 years! These vermin, these murderous scum spent 45 years at large even though they mercilessly tortured and killed people.

Now they will be behind bars and the families of the dead will receive reparation money from the state and everything will be fine. Right?

The people know better, they are not fooled by this so called justice and this so called democracy. Today like 45 years ago it is still the capital who calls the shots in the state. The people know the bloody methods of the state and they know they have to trust their own power to move forward in the same struggle, that also Victor Jara fought, the same struggle for which he gave his life.

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