BRAZIL - Increasing violence against peasants

A new statistic shows the increasing of the reactionary violence of the old Brazilian state against the oppressed peasants. The statistic, which is based on just the officially numbers of the bourgeoisie shows the escalating violence on the land. All the different parts, like the use of torture, attempted murder, threats and assassinations increased. The numbers show that in 2017 reactionary forces assassinated 71 peasant, this is an increasing compared to 2016 about 17%. From 2014 until 2016 the number of killed peasant was doubled.

This is the face of the old Brazil state, who uses fascist terror to try to frighten the masses with all thinkable cruelty. With this tactics the ruling classes are trying to obtain their power, but the more and more people join the struggle against them. Nevertheless of the fascist repression, the people of Brazil go on determined in their struggle and will overcome all difficulties and finally kick out the imperialists together with their puppets.

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