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AUSTRIA - 1st of May Declaration: For the reconstitution of the Communist Party!

We want to document in the following an English translation of the declaration to the 1st of May, which was published first in the "Red Flag", the organ of the Committees for the founding of the (Maoist) Communist Party, Austria.

Proletarians of all countries and oppressed people, unite!

The political power comes from the barrel of the gun!

For the reconstitution of the Communist Party!

“Workers! The hour has come! Our will is ripe for action! We’ll be sorry, if we let the hour pass unused! We’ll be sorry, if we let ours selfs chain again into the shackles of Capitalism! (…) Workers! Comrades! We founded the Communist Party. (…) It wants to overtake todays economy and political power through the masses of the working people!” (organizational committee of the KPÖ, November 1918.)

...written this way by the as a provisional leadership set up organizational committee of the Communist party of Austria (KPÖ) in the first leaflet of the party, published on November 8th 100 years ago. The founding of the Communist Party was a product of the Great Socialist October Revolution and the mighty class struggles, which grasped the world, Europe and also Austria. Even if the newly born KPÖ in the beginning made many mistakes and showed some restrictions, it was never the less a heroic action of historical meaning, that in this November days 100 years ago initiative was taken and inspired by the teachings of the great leaders of world proletariat Karl Marx, Frederic Engels and W. I. Lenin the foundation for forging the Communist Party was laid. Despite single subjective weaknesses stood clear: the Communist Party as revolutionary leadership of the proletariat in class struggles is, what was needed urgently by the working class and the people’s masses!

If we look at todays panorama in the world, we clearly see, the fundamental contradictions intensifying further more in international scale on the basis of the general crisis of imperialism. The contradiction between oppressed peoples and nations to imperialism is ever increasing and expresses itself in ever new rise ups of the masses, which shake imperialism in Asia, Africa and Latinamerica. The international proletariat struggles all over the world against massive attacks of the imperialistic bourgeoisie and their representatives. Bourgeoisie is attempting this attacks trying to deepen exploitation during general crisis of imperialism and confront increasing rebellions and struggling massmovements with ever more oppression and repression up to open terror. The, under these circumstances ongoing class struggles increase in heaviness and develop an additional dynamic through contradictions between imperialists themselves, contradictions which are carried out mercilessly on the back of the masses and which again just mean further misery. Today the imediate danger of imperialistic world war comes to surface more openly and crystallizes at the moment in the so called “middle east”, where none the less the situation in Syria, Iraq and Libya are urging examples for imperialism being reaction in every matter. Again we find confirmation for the strong conviction of Marxist-Leninist-Maoists and all true antiimperialists, that democratic revolution can only be carried out against imperialism and not through a, even “partial” or “timely restricted”, alliance with them.

Standing in all their epic struggles, the masses rise time and time again. Even if they lose for the time being in their struggles for their needs and justified demands, it doesn't take long and they rise again, richer in important experience. Chairman Mao Zedong, leader of the new democratic and socialist revolution, of people’s war and great proletarian cultural revolution in China summarized this law: “struggling, losing, struggling again, losing again, struggling once again and so on, until victory – that’s the logic of the people and the people will never break this logic. This is another law of Marxism.” The most massive and impressive expressions of this law we see mainly in Asia, Africa and Latinamerica, where the majority of world population lives. Colonialism and half colonialism, feudalism and half feudalism, are conserved and kept alive there by imperialism, for exploitation of the commodity of labor and natural resources of these countries and therefor reaching those profits which are the main economic basis of the imperialistic world system. The law recorded by chairman Mao is further the strategic axis of proletarian world revolution in the ongoing epoch in which “ imperialism heads towards total defeat and socialism heads towards total victory”: people’s wars in India, Peri, Turkey and the Philippines lead by maoist parties. As the struggle of the masses develop like the tides, also the people’ wars develop asymmetrical – not just inernationally but also inside themselves . But due to the fact that these people’s wars are led by marxist-leninist-maoist parties, temporarily difficulties will be overcome and people’s war will be developed further. The Communist Party of Peru which, under the leadership of chairman Gonzalo, leads people’s war, is a instructive and shining example, which inspires communists all over the world to not shy away from any difficulties and to learn the understanding of solving problems and diffculties, because they have Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, mainly Maoism, the third, highest and last step of the sole scientific and proletarian ideology and have to apply it. We welcome the jumps, which could be made in developing this revolutions, by the comrades of parties which wage people’s war, since 1st of may as part of proletarian world revolution. In this context we welcome all actions which have been carried out again in the last year, internationally in support of the people’s war in India which is led by the Communist Party of India (maoist), in many aspects the most developed people’s war of the present day, and we call up to extend and progress this solidarity on a strong foundation of proletarian internationalism! On May 22nd 1969 a preceding party of the Communist Party of India (maoist) was founded as an offspring of the armed uprising of Naxalbari: the Communist Party of India (marxist-leninist). It was the party of the armed struggle and it’s leader, great communist Charu Mazumdar, almost 50 years ago pointed out, “ in the ongoing epoch the slogan of boycotting elections gains international meaning”. Further we want to welcome the clear and strong attitude proved by the comrades of the Turkish Communist Party / Marxist-Leninist (TKP/ML) against the right, opportunistic splitters within the party, who wanted to use aggression of imperialism against the communists to develop their dark plans of liquidating the party founded by Ibrahim Kaypakkaya. By an intelligent and correct implementation of two line struggle they have been able to deny these plans and to preserve the party of peoples masses of Turkey and northern Kurdistan. We welcome the steps which have been undertaken in the last year to develop the international unification under Maoism amongst the ranks of the international communist movement, this is an important task of which foremost the conference of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist parties and organizations of Latinamerica has to be pointed out.

Day for day the international communist movement proves, that the revolution can be developed if the masses get revolutionary leadership through the communist party in their struggles, rising from their most urging needs and the objective necessities which they are confronted with. This is why chairman Mao marked the communist party as the “leading core of people”. This law counts universally in the class struggles world wide. Also in middle Europe, eastern Europe and on the Balkans. There the workers and the working people stand in harsh contradiction to the national “rulers”, who are working for foreign capital and in the struggle against the imperialistic alliance of the European Union, the US-Imperialism and Russian Imperialism. Also their imperialism constantly causes war. After the violent dismantling of Yugoslavia and most countries of the region, with disperse and misery in the condition of massive destruction and desolation where reconquered by the imperialists of the Eu and Us-Imperialism, the Capital is continuing it’s bloody business in Ukraine. The masses of the region will be able to throw the imperialists out of their countries only by revolution, by peopl’s war under the leadership of the communist party. In 2018 Austria shall take chairmanship in the EU-Council and also this times the expansion of the European Union further east is on th agenda of the capital. Austrian capital is compared in a world scale only a small and weak imperialist, but in middle and eastern Europe as well as the Balkans Austrian imperialism is an important and aggressive oppressor. Communists and revolutionaries in Austria have to fulfill their tasks even better in the coming period and prove their correct understanding of proletarian internationalism and international solidarity by fighting side by side with the progressive, revolutionary and communist forces of the region against attacks of the EU-Alliance, stand against exploitation by Austrian capital and also in Austria itself develop strong activities against the chairmanship of Austria in the European council.

In Austria it’s also asserted to form a Unity, strongly based on the interests of the proletariat, against the newest attacks of the capital with all of those with whom it is possible in the current situation. The great movements of the masses against the newest government and it’s hostile attacks against the workers and the people are a very good starting point for this. Positive developments in the question of the unity front will further continue in the same scale as the reconstitution of the communist party progresses in this country. To split the proletarians and the working people the bourgeoisie carries out an ever more aggressive antimuslim racism. By extensive campaigns the split by religious, cultural and national criteria shall be hammered into the heads of the proletariat, which at the same time means the strengthening of European chauvinism eurocentrism. Communists resolutely fight this and develop according work with the masses. Shame on everybody who is flanking the racist campaings of the bourgeoisie by the phrase of “enlightenment” and therefore supporting it’s goals! By the rising antisemitism which is also regaining meaning the proletariat and masses shall be distracted from class struggle and the goal of overthrowing capital shall be confused. Antisemitism, this ever reactionary teaching of the (mainly) european bourgeoisie has to be fought by the communists with all determination, knowing, it is a strong part of the ideological “foundation” of the bourgeois nations of Europe. Always we have to keep in mind what was thought about anitsemitism by comrade Stalin, leader of the socialist build up in the Sovietunion and slayer German fascism: “Antisemitism serves as a lightning conductor for exploiters, which shall distract the smashes of the working people from cpitalism. Antisemitism is a danger for the working people, because it is a wrong track, which shall lead them away from the right track and leads them into the jungle. That is why the communists as consequent internationalists are unforgiving and sworn enemies of antisemitism.” (Stalin)

Communists in forming process are all over the world confronted with big tasks, which they will only be able to solve if they every where carry on with all their strength to constitute and reconstitute communist parties, where leadership in the struggles is missing, where no communist party exists. Therefor also in Austria the hard and devoted struggle for reconstitution of the communist party as most important tasks is on the agenda, because also in Austria class struggles develop positively and the masses demand leadership and orientation in the nontransparent fog of this clashes. The old assessment of many forces amongst the political people’s movement, that with the increasing of the general crisis of imperialism in 2007/08 also class struggles will “automatically” jump to a new level of quality are more and more proven as wrong, as economist and idealistic illusions. We point out again: There is, even though there are many positive developments and tendencies, no automatism in class struggle, no mechanical laws, but dynamic laws and jumps. Upright therefor the communist party is needed! Big amounts of the masses, especially their lowest economic weakest parts, press for rebellion, the question of leadership is therefor decisive to give orientation in this struggles and to be able develop them. The one or the other will only be reached in the struggle against workers aristocracy, the bribed, highest layer of the working class, which has a “whole system of privileges” (Lenin) and politically stands strongly on the side of the bourgeoisie. On the foundation of the teaching of the party as it was developed by Karl Marx in general, brought to jump by Lenin and by chairman Mao deepened mainly and by this brought to another jump, we want to point out, the question of the reconstitution is the decisive one: the party is the lever with which we will take off the hinges of Austria! It’s our task to grab it, to change, to correspond to the objective demands and to take up the responsibility! We need a strong, clear revolutionary will, but this alone is not enough. The reconstitution of the communist party will only be achieved by hard struggle against opportunism and revisionism, by the law of crystallization and forging of cadres, educated by their own faults, with critic and self critic, in the two line struggle and on the foundation of the knowledge, recognition and victories of the communist movement and scientific socialism – not just by the revolutionary will, even though it is a needed requirement.

Especially in the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Austria the communists and all true revolutionary forces have to concentrate on the question of the party even more then they did before, all forces have to be gathered, to give new expression the spirit of the party, to bring it carry it deep into the masses and therefore in the struggle for the reconstitution of the Communist party make essential steps. Our first leader in this matter shall be Karl Marx, whose birthday has it’s 200th anniversary on May 5th an event, which will be celebrated accordingly by communists all over the world! To develop a deep understanding of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and to put it into even more concrete form by using it, therefore to enrich it scientifically, is a burning task! To be strongly based on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, to acknowledge it, defend it and use it, is the first precondition of reconstitution and a big difference to thesis like starting the “rebuilding” or the “building” of the party. Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is Marxism of the current epoch, as it was Marxism-Leninism in the times of the founding of the Party. The Communist Party is only truly communist, if it is taking the tasks, which have been taken at the founding of our party: Forging the avantgarde of the proletariat by struggle, and to bring this avantgarde in the fire of class struggle in jumps to be the acknowledged avantgarde of the proletariat. To go the way of the socialist revolution, to go the way of shattering the old state, todays can only and without exception be done with Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, the third, highest and last step of the scientific ideology of the proletariat!

Keep up the revolutionary memory of Leo Rotziegel, the first martyr of the Communist Party, fallen in armed struggle for defending the soviet republic of Hungary, learn from him, to dedicate your live to the Liberation of the international proletariat!

Commemorate the hundreds of dead proletarians of the Juli uprising in 1927, learn from them, the uprising does not happen with “clever” principles, but comes from the dynamic of the endless revolutionary energy of the masses, even though not all “preconditions” are ready!

Take up the great red banner of the fighters of February 1934 learn from them the armed struggle for the dictatorship of the proletariat must not be delayed in ongoing matter for the “right time”, but everything is deception except for power – and this struggle needs leadership in th form of the Communist party!

Internalize the heroic example of the immortal 12 Heroes of the Central Committee, their way of endless dedication for the proletariat and the Communist Party, which in the struggle against Nazifascism, under the leadership of the Communist International and it’s party in Austria, who gave their lives for the freedom of the people and struggle in their example!

Long live proletarian World Revolution and the international communist movement!

Defend the live and health of chairman Gonzalo!

Eternal glory to the immortal 12 Heroes of the Central Committee, forever burned in the hearts of the proletariat!

For the reconstitution of the Communist Party!

Committees for the founding of the (maoist) Communist Party, Austria

April 2018

The 12 immortal heroes of Central committee are: Erwin Puschmann, Leo Gabler, Dr. Alfred Klahr, Ferdinand Strasser, Sepp Toifl, Willy Frank, Hedy Urach, Anton Reisinger, Hermann Köhler, Franz Sebek, Franz Schuster, Oskar Grossmann

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