PERU/CHILE: Coppermine strikes

In Peru on the 22nd of September 3000 workers of two mines and one silo-refinery of the Southern Copper Company started an unlimited strike. On the 23rd of September 2500 workers of another coppermine located in Antofagasta, Chile owned by BHP Billinton also started a strike. Reason for these strikes have been massive cuts in personal of up to 120 workers. This situation is not new though, starting this year strikes were already taking place because of this same reason. For mining workers, whose job is well-known to be extremely physically demanding and hazardous to their health, to also have to worry about their jobs, of having enough money to feed themselves and their families, is beyond brutal. This obvious exploitation of the workers by the sadistic mining imperialists goes to show how advanced the struggle of the masses has become in both countries. This is especially the case in Peru, where their struggle is on the rise. Wherever there is oppression and exploitation, there will be resistance. The imperialist forces are creating the soil for uprisings against themselves, like the wizard's apprentice, who has lost control of the summoned ghosts, they will also lose their control over the oppressed workers, which will not stand idly by. Instead they will rise and smash their oppressors and grab the power for themselves! The conditions are ever more favorable for the proletariat to organize itself and bring forth communist forces to lead their struggle. As such all internationalists should show their support towards the mining workers' struggle against ruthless imperialist oppression! Smash the imperialists and their lackeys!

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