ARGENTINIA - Police kills Mapuche-Activist Rafael Nahuel

Mapuche Activists have occupied land, in the area of Rio Negro. They demand the land and struggle against the state, who is the owner of the land. In court the judge decided for eviction and so the military came in the end of last week to take back the land from the Mapuche. They killed the 21 year old Rafael Nahuel and injured two more activists.

More then 300 police officers and soldiers were there and after the eviction they went on hunt for the activists. The state and police are afraid because of the struggles of the Mapuche in whole Latin America. They try to bring the struggle down, by killing especially young activists, but they can not!

Solidarity with the justified struggle of the Mapuche for their land!

#Mapuche #Repression #RafaelNahuel